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NOTE: The course details provided in the entries listed on this web page are for those students who commence their studies in 2015 - students who began their studies prior to this should consult the archived Handbook edition for the year in which they started their course. Archived handbooks are available at


  • 0105: Master of Management


  • 2276: Master of Marketing

Medical Bioscience

  • 4701: Bachelor of Medical Bioscience

Medical Radiations

  • 3889: Master of Medical Radiations

Medical Science

  • 0041: Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours)
  • 4535: Honours degree of Bachelor of Medical Science

Medical Ultrasound

  • 3433: Master of Medical Ultrasound


  • 3856: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
  • 4531: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Honours)
  • 4532: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Honours)
  • 3896: Master of Medicine
  • 3852: Doctor of Medicine (supervised)

Mental Health Science

  • 4508: Master of Mental Health Science


  • 3564: Bachelor of Midwifery (Honours)
  • 4514: Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Midwifery

Mining Engineering

  • 4618: Bachelor of Mining Engineering (Honours)

Multimedia Design

  • 3105: Master of Multimedia Design

Multimedia and Digital Arts

  • 3112: Bachelor of Multimedia and Digital Arts (Honours)


  • 3054: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music
  • D3004: Bachelor of Education (Honours) and Bachelor of Music
  • L3006: Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Music
  • 0821: Bachelor of Music
  • 0822: Bachelor of Music (Honours)
  • 1185: Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Commerce