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Units indexed by Area of study: Japanese studies

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For detailed information about the sequence of units required for a major/minor/specialisation in this area of study refer to Japanese studies

  • APG4653 LLCL Honours workshop
  • ATS1042 Japanese intermediate 1 Monash Extension Program
  • ATS1043 Japanese intermediate 2 Monash Extension Program
  • ATS1141 Japanese introductory 1
  • ATS1142 Japanese introductory 2
  • ATS2141 Japanese introductory 1
  • ATS2142 Japanese introductory 2
  • ATS2143 Japanese intermediate 1
  • ATS2144 Japanese intermediate 2
  • ATS2145 Japanese proficient 1
  • ATS2146 Japanese proficient 2
  • ATS2382 War and memory in the Asia Pacific: Legacies of World War II
  • ATS2648 Contemporary Japan
  • ATS2653 Japanese: Language acquisition and use
  • ATS2941 Asia's underside: Violence, crime and protest
  • ATS3083 Translating across cultures
  • ATS3089 Social institutions and power in Asia
  • ATS3145 Japanese proficient 1
  • ATS3146 Japanese proficient 2
  • ATS3147 Japanese studies advanced 1
  • ATS3148 Japanese studies advanced 2
  • ATS3151 Japanese studies advanced: Current issues in the media
  • ATS3152 Japanese studies advanced: Literature and literary translation
  • ATS3627 Global cultures, local traditions: Creating and consuming (popular) culture
  • ATS3649 Japanese: Language and society
  • ATS3652 Japan as empire: From Meiji to 1945
  • ATS3897 Borderless media in East Asia
  • ATS3948 LLCL internship (undergraduate)
  • ATS3951 Japanese popular culture and identity
  • ATS3978 Japanese Communication in Professional Settings
  • ATS4137 LLCL special reading unit 1 (Honours)
  • ATS4138 LLCL special reading unit 2 (Honours)
  • ATS4230 Arts honours thesis
  • ATS4231 Arts honours thesis A
  • ATS4232 Arts honours thesis B
  • ATS4653 LLCL Honours workshop