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Units indexed by Area of study: Education - P-10 and special education

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For detailed information about the sequence of units required for a major/minor/specialisation in this area of study refer to Education - P-10 and special education

  • EDF1101 Fieldwork experience 1A
  • EDF1205 English education 1 (P-10)
  • EDF1206 Mathematics education 1 (P-10)
  • EDF1304 Learning and educational inquiry 2
  • EDF1551 Foundation to inclusive education
  • EDF1552 Using assessment to respond to diversity across the school years
  • EDF2102 Professional experience 2B
  • EDF2210 Child and adolescent development
  • EDF2211 Classroom practice
  • EDF2212 Creative arts education (P-10)
  • EDF2213 English education 2 (P-10)
  • EDF2551 Understanding behaviour in classrooms and schools
  • EDF2552 Learning and teaching for students with diverse needs in various education settings
  • EDF3008 Researching educational practices
  • EDF3101 Professional experience 3A
  • EDF3102 Professional experience 3B
  • EDF3210 Education policy and practice
  • EDF3211 Inclusive education: Teaching diverse learners
  • EDF3212 Mathematics education 2 (P-10)
  • EDF3214 Science education (P-10)
  • EDF3215 Health and physical education (P-10)
  • EDF3216 Social education (P-10)
  • EDF3551 Curriculum in inclusive education
  • EDF3552 Teaching and learning of students with complex needs
  • EDF4006 Professional engagement and leadership
  • EDF4041 Professional experience 4A
  • EDF4042 Professional experience 4B
  • EDF4260 Curriculum assessment and evaluation
  • EDF4262 History education (P-10)
  • EDF4264 Practical education and learning
  • EDF4266 English education 3 (P-10)
  • EDF4267 Mathematics education 3 (P-10)
  • EDF4513 Indigenous and traditional education in a global world
  • EDF4551 Collaborative principles, partnerships and procedures
  • EDF4552 Advanced pedagogy