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Units indexed by Area of study: Education - Early childhood and early childhood-primary

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  • EDF1030 Literacy learning and the young child
  • EDF1031 Creative learning in childhood through music and the arts
  • EDF1032 Thinking mathematically from an early age
  • EDF1033 Education for environment and sustainability
  • EDF1038 Introduction to the early childhood education field
  • EDF1039 Inclusivity and partnerships in early childhood education
  • EDF1051 Early childhood professional experience 1A
  • EDF1052 Early childhood professional experience 1B
  • EDF1303 Learning and educational inquiry 1
  • EDF1304 Learning and educational inquiry 2
  • EDF2030 Contemporary child development theories and practices
  • EDF2031 Indigenous perspectives on teaching and learning
  • EDF2032 Learning through play pedagogies
  • EDF2033 Learning with children, their families and communities
  • EDF2034 Learning about patterns, shapes and numbers through play
  • EDF2035 Health and physical wellbeing in the young child
  • EDF2038 Curriculum, assessment and documentation in education
  • EDF2039 Children and childhood across time: Policies and practices
  • EDF2051 Early childhood professional experience 2A
  • EDF2052 Early childhood professional experience 2B
  • EDF3030 Diversity in child development
  • EDF3031 Local and global perspectives in education policy
  • EDF3032 Children's literature, storytelling and the arts
  • EDF3033 Change and transition in children's education
  • EDF3034 Children's literacy development
  • EDF3035 Investigating our world: Science, technology and the environment
  • EDF3038 Professionalism, ethics and interdisciplinary work in education
  • EDF3039 Leadership and management in education contexts
  • EDF3051 Early childhood professional experience 3A
  • EDF3052 Early childhood professional experience 3B
  • EDF4022 Humanities and social education in the primary years
  • EDF4023 Science education in the primary years
  • EDF4024 Health and physical education for wellbeing in the primary curriculum
  • EDF4031 Sociology of early childhood
  • EDF4032 Contemporary theories of learning development
  • EDF4033 Innovation in curriculum and pedagogy in schools
  • EDF4034 Educating the young mathematician
  • EDF4035 Early childhood learning through new media and technologies
  • EDF4037 Thinking mathematically in primary education
  • EDF4038 Researching innovative practices in childhood education
  • EDF4039 Professional identity, leadership and engagement
  • EDF4051 Early childhood professional experience 4A
  • EDF4052 Early childhood professional experience 4B