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  • EDF2801 Adult educational practices 1
  • EDF2802 Contexts of adult learning and development
  • EDF2803 Learning and researching in work-related contexts
  • EDF2804 Multimedia in adult education: policy and practice
  • EDF2805 Multimedia in adult education: implementation and evaluation
  • EDF2809 Workplace learning and development
  • EDF2810 Program design and delivery
  • EDF2811 Working with difference
  • EDF3802 Work, development and identity
  • EDF3804 Independent work-based project
  • EDF3806 Future directions in adult learning and development
  • EDF3807 Contemporary workplaces: issues and practices
  • EDF3808 Research perspectives in adult and workplace education
  • EDF3809 Reflection as workplace learning
  • EDF3810 Mentoring at work
  • EDF3811 Policy and change in adult education and training