Associate Professor Andrea Reupert

Mental illness is a family matter

Associate Professor Andrea Reupert
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 Tuesday, 16 September 2014     6:00pm

Mental illness does not impact solely on the individual. When a parent has a mental illness, the family environment can be adversely affected and the risk for children of acquiring their own mental health problems is heightened. Given the prevalence and risk associated with families where a parent has a mental illness, it is imperative that there are effective interventions designed and delivered to different family members, across a range of agencies, including schools and early childhood centres.

However, the lack of appropriate, evidence based interventions means that many children living in these families are considered to be “invisible”. This presentation provides a snapshot of the range of interventions available to different family members and the major challenges faced in delivering and evaluating these programs. The Let’s Talk about Children initiative will be showcased as a vehicle for supporting parents and children, within an implementation and research framework.